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Little Lambs


Oil on Canvas
16″ x 20″

As she walked with her grandmother, Rei felt a sense of wonder and awe. The soft breeze carried the sweet fragrance of the spring grass, and the sun illuminated the sheep’s coats with an almost transcendent glow. Her grandmother taught her how to watch over the sheep, how to lead them to fresh pastures, and how to care for them when they were sick or injured. Rei was amazed by the deep bond her grandmother had with the sheep, how they seemed to trust her completely, and follow her every move.

As the days passed, Rei learned more about the intricacies of being a shepherd. She learned how to read the weather, how to use the land to her advantage, and how to navigate the hills without getting lost. She saw how the sheep responded to her grandmother’s touch, how they looked to her for guidance and protection, and how they gave her their unconditional love.

Years went by, and Rei grew up to be a shepherd just like her grandmother. And although her grandmother had passed away, she could still feel her presence in the gentle breeze and the worn leather or her shoes from trekking the same paths her grandmother did. And as she watched over her flock, she knew that the bond between human and animal was one of the purest and most beautiful things in the world, almost as pure as that beautiful spring and the love that bolsters her soul still.


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