Charcoal on Stonehenge paper
11″ x 15″

In the heart of a town called Ijin-Ui, there was a legend of a horse that embodied the dichotomy of man. Its two heads were a representation of our conflicting nature – the rational mind and the passionate heart, forever at odds. Its flesh side was a thing of beauty, with sleek muscles that rippled like a river, symbolizing our strength and resilience in the face of adversity. The skeleton side, however, was a stark reminder of our own mortality, of the fragility that lies beneath the surface.

As the horse roamed the forests, it encountered countless souls, each struggling with their own inner conflict. Some were consumed by their own darkness, unable to see the light that shone within. Others were overwhelmed by their passions, lost in the tempest of their own emotions. And yet, the horse was a beacon of hope for these lost souls, a glimmer of light in the darkness.

For the people of Ijin-Ui, the double-headed horse was more than just a creature of legend. It was a teacher, a guide, a symbol of the human spirit. They revered it not for its fearsome appearance, but for the wisdom it imparted, the lessons it taught.


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